Yesterday afternoon, I was happy to see that there were several students from the University of Hawai’i Library and Information Science program who came out to the UHM Hamilton Library to participate in a free workshop I was giving as the team captain for the UHM LIS Web Team.

The workshop was provided to assist UHM LIS students learn the basic history of the Internet, acquire standard HTML skills and prepare the lay out for their required ePortfolio in the LIS 610 course. My goal was to have each student walk away from the workshop with a new ePortfolio and have at least their CV content on their site before leaving the session.

For this particular workshop, the LIS students requested information on WordPress rather than hand coding in PICO or Notepad++. Therefore, we spent the first hour talking about basic HTML and getting their UHM user server space activated and the second hour going through the site and all its functions. The last thirty minutes were reserved for one-on-one assistance with each student.

Through my experience as team captain for the UHM LIS Web Team, I am learning that I love to teach. One of my favorite moments from yesterday was assisting a fellow student with finding the errors in his coding and hearing him shout for joy when he was able to fix those errors. Coding is sometimes that way; you learn the best through your mistakes. His excitement for learning a new skill was enjoyable to witness. Overall, I was very pleased to see that each student left with a new ePortfolio and the basic technical skills required to get started and look forward to being able to teach additional workshops in the future.