Spring 2015 LIS 610 Class

I am always very thankful to have a chance to speak to a group and help teach someone a new skill but today was particularly enjoyable!

Dr. Noriko Asato, Professor for the University of Hawai’i Library and Information Science program kindly asked me to come speak to her LIS 610 Foundations of Information Professions class today on the topic of marketing yourself for future employment using social media. She was present at my 2014 Hawai’i Library Association Conference talk entitled, YouTube and You and asked if I would be willing to gear that talk toward students. So, that’s what I did!

Today I talked about why social media matters, things to do and avoid, how to get started and get organized, helpful tips and why it is important to clean up your past online persona before tackling all of this. We also did a quick polleverywhere where the students used their smart devices and laptops to answer questions on how to improve a post I found on Twitter, such as adding pictures, hyperlinks, history, directions and more. Everyone had great suggestions!

One very insightful question was what to do when someone might be stalking you online. I made some basic recommendations below:

  • Create an eportfolio for school and then remove it later (You can also make it password protected and give that password to potential employers);
  • Make your social media accounts private and only connect with fellow professionals and organizations;
  • If someone is trying to reach you through other people, don’t be afraid to let your colleagues and professionals know that their attention is unwanted;
  • You can always block them! Blocking is available on almost all social media platforms now;

Another student in class suggested to not post your location online while you are there. This is a great suggestion!

  • As a general rule, I usually post to my personal and school related social media only after I have attended an event (because then I will have pictures, video and details!);
  • Do not post an address, date or time of an event you are attending before or the day of unless you feel safe to do so;
  • Use a general image that does not show your face or connected family members; and
  • Block site visits with an IP blocking plugin (there are tons available for free!).

If you ever feel in danger, please contact the police and do not be afraid to tell someone you can trust (friend, family member, supervisor, advisor). Your safety is of the utmost importance.

Know your rights and don’t be afraid to seek help!

Thank you to all the students for having such wonderful and insightful questions. It makes me so happy that you were engaged and inspired for your journey with marketing yourself in your future employment endeavors!


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