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Providing reference assistance at the Public Library and Community College levels. I am committed to providing assistance to students, staff and faculty to develop the information seeking tools necessary to build confidence in academic research, develop technical skills through workshops, and to learn how to identify reliable and relevant resources.


Providing tools to build confidence in academic research, developing technical skills, finding reliable resources, and relevant information.

Library Orientation

Cypress College Library

Adjunct Faculty Librarian (2016 - present)

Tailored for class topic and assignment but always includes search building, database searching, catalog searching, finding an item in the collections, creating citations and building a works cited page.

Finding Articles

Irvine Valley College Library

Adjunct Librarian (2017)

One of the most important resources for your research paper are articles published in journals, magazines and newspapers. The Internet may help you find some, but chances are you’ll be asked to pay for them. In this workshop you will learn how to use the Library’s online article databases from anywhere.

Cite Right

Irvine Valley College Library

Adjunct Librarian (2017)

Stressed about doing citations? Think it is going to take longer than writing the paper? Don’t understand why you even need to do them? We can help! In this workshop you will learn not only how to do citations and why it is important to do citations correctly, but also what tools are available to you that can make it easier.

Google for Research

Irvine Valley College Library

Adjunct Librarian (2017)

The Internet has lots of free, valuable information, but it isn’t always easy to find. During this workshop, you will discover how to use Google to search the Internet more efficiently. You’ll learn how to find statistics, data and so much more. Plus, you will learn how to identify a credible website and how to use it in your paper. This workshop is a must for anyone who plans to use the Internet for research.

Fake News Workshop

Irvine Valley College Library

Adjunct Librarian (2017)

“Fake news” isn’t news you disagree with – it’s published information that is deliberately misleading or false. In this workshop, we will review tips and guidelines to identify untrustworthy news sources such as researching the organization and author behind the news story to check for bias.

eBook Workshop

Long Beach Public Library, Studio

General Librarian (2015 - present)

Learn the basics of searching, borrowing and downloading digital content to your device.

ePortfolio Workshop

University of Hawai'i

LIS Web Team Captain (2012 - 2015)

Teach students to how to ePortfolio to highlight  professional and academic experience. Discussed website design and architecture, basic hand-coding in HTML, privacy issues, SSH, SFTP and hands-on time building content.


At all levels of my Librarianship, I have had the opportunity to create instructional and informational videos. I have also created website maintenance manuals in print form, in-person instructional workshops and supplemental videos to allow students, faculty and staff of non-profit institutions to have control over updating their online presence and content.

Marketing/Outreach Video for Long Beach Public Library, Special Collections

After a month storyboarding, filming, narrating and editing I am happy to announce that I have the final version of an outreach/marketing video which I produced for the Long Beach Public Library entitled, "Introducing [...]

Creating and Editing LibGuides for College Students

As an Adjunct Librarian at a local community college I am responsible for editing and creating subject and library literacy LibGuides which are made available through the library website. Below are a few examples [...]

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Social Media & You: Marketing Yourself to Future Employers

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Reference Assistance at Sinclair Library

Serving at the reference table in Sinclair Library, May 2013, Finals Week with Danielle Todd, organizer. At the end of each academic semester, the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Sinclair Library partners with [...]

Teaching Technology: Basic HTML & ePortfolio Workshop

Yesterday afternoon, I was happy to see that there were several students from the University of Hawai’i Library and Information Science program who came out to the UHM Hamilton Library to participate in a free workshop [...]