Project Background

One of the great parts of working as a substitute librarian at Long Beach Public Library is that it allows me to get to know all the different branches, communities and librarians in the system. While working at the Ruth Bach Neighborhood Library I was talking with the head librarian, Chenda Yong, when she mentioned that she wanted to start a program at the branch which allowed her Senior Citizen patrons to digitize their family photographs and share them online. She felt that this community in particular was lacking the skills needed to connect with family and friends through social media and the ability to digitally preserve their treasured family photographs.

Project Proposal

Since cultural heritage is major passion of mine, I volunteered my skills and from her idea and in October 2016, I created a proposal to implement this program. The Community Heritage Project Proposal would allow senior citizens in the Long Beach Community to come to the Ruth Bach Neighborhood Library branch to learn how to digitize their family photos, teach them how to save them and how to share on social media. This proposal requested the purchase of an additional computer, scanning equipment, editing software (Photoshop) and the budget to have me come in to train staff and the public on using the equipment.

Community Objective and Goals

Our objective was to create an atmosphere of learning which allowed the senior community and patrons without access to technology to feel comfortable with using computer and scanner technology to convert still photographs into digital format allowing the patron to have a digital form for family and meaningful photographs to share electronically and for personal archiving.

Our three main goals for this project are as follows:

Goal #1: Educate seniors and other patrons with how to use a windows-based computer to digitize family photographs for safe keeping and sharing.

Goal #2: Educate seniors on how to save the digitized images to tangible media (i.e. flash drive) or the cloud (i.e. Google Drive or Dropbox).

Goal #3: Assist seniors with creating a Gmail account, if necessary to facilitate saving to the cloud (i.e. Google Drive or Dropbox).

Current Status

Happily, this proposal was accepted in November 2016 and as of February 2017, the equipment and software was purchased and has been set up at the branch location.

Outreach  & Promotion

In addition to setting up the station to make it easy for patrons to follow the steps of digitizing, I have created an instructional poster, an outreach poster and a simple 6 minute instructional video which showcases the Long Beach Public Library Digital Archive images and provides basic information on how patrons can scan, save and share their digitized photographs.

Future of the Project

Throughout 2017, Chenda will be gathering statistics to see how well the program does with the targeted community.

Promotional posters were created using Canva. Outreach video was creating using a Canon Rebel 2 DSLR, Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 and edited in iMovie. Closed captions available in YouTube by clicking CC icon at bottom right.

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact me!

* This project received recognition in the Long Beach Public Library, Check It Out newsletter.

CHECK IT OUT 03-09-17