Making Archival Photographs Available for Access

I love my part-time job at the Long Beach Public Library, Long Beach History Collection!

Today I am digitizing some black and white still photographs to send to one of our branch librarians to use for the opening of our newest location, the Michelle Obama branch in North Long Beach. One of the great things about understanding how to handle archival collections and having the technology skills to digitize collections is that I can be the point person for these types of tasks without relying on outside third party vendors.

If you enlarge the original image you can see that the corrected damage includes discoloration stains, surface scratches and a circular cut-out. I used Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 to adjust the image contrast, color correction, and sharpness. I used the clone tool to correct the damaged areas of the photograph and saved the final version in various formats and resolutions (low: 300 ppi JPG; med: 600 ppi JPG; and 1200 ppi TIF) to predict and accomodate future use and need.

Image Citation
Long Beach Public Library, Long Beach History Collection
Image processed by, The Inman Co., 2491 American Ave., Long Beach, CA
Image #: G10689A