Collection Development Workshop: Selecting Materials for the island of Yap, Yap Public Library

On Saturday, November 16, 2013  at the University of Hawai’i Hamilton Library, I participated in a hands-on collection development workshop with several other UHM ALA student chapter members. We assisted several UHM Pacific Collections librarians by selecting books from donated materials, which will be sent the Yap Public Library on the island of Yap.

During this workshop, I learned about the Yap Public Library, the island of Yap as well as the Federated States of Micronesia, the community and library needs and also issues with selection that professional librarians face on a regular basis.

Each student was given a full box of books that had previously been frozen to prevent pest infestation and was asked to select appropriately for the needs of the community and library. I was given a box of children’s books, which were fun and exciting to sort through!

Almost 99% of the donated items were selected to be sent to the Yap Public Library. However, there were a few, which were selected to be sent to the local University in the island chain, or were deselected because of damage. One of those books which were deselected due to damage was a children’s book which I just could not seen thrown away. Therefore, I volunteered to repair the item in the UHM Preservation Lab the following week so that it could be shipped to the Yap Public Library with the rest of the collection.

The book, which I repaired, is called, Eloise, the Ultimate Edition by Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight. The damage to the item was primarily that the binding was glue-based and therefore, a section of about one inch had come loose from the binding. Repair included sanding the old dried glue from the inner edge of the spine and also from the edge of the papers, which were to be reinserted. I then applied book glue using a paintbrush to the edge of the paper and the inner section of the book spine. The pages were pressed into the spine using a bone folder; wax paper was inserted to protect the other pages from the book glue. The book was then wrapped very tightly using two ace bandages, then set into a wooden book press to rest overnight (see images below).

I hope that the children at the Yap Public Library will get many years more use from this book!

Thank you the UHM ALA student chapter for providing me with the opportunity to participate the workshop so I can gain hands-on experience with collection development, while helping others! Also, thank you to the University of Hawai’i, Preservation Lab and particularly Debbie Dunn for letting me use the lab to mend the book.