ALAsc Re-Shelving Project @ Hamilton Library

Jan Sung, Librarian and Head of Access Services gives us some last minute instructions in the stacks before we break up and get to work. 2014 © Kimberly Jackson

Last semester, Hamilton Library experienced some construction and during this process, many books were mis-shelved. While Jan Sung, Hamilton Librarian and Head of Access Services has been re-shelving these books over a period of time, the UHM LIS ALA student chapter decided to organize a service project to help the library out. So, on Saturday morning (April 26, 2014) I got up early and ventured over to Hamilton, where I met up with other students to help restore order and improve access.

While waiting to begin the project, Ms. Sun explained how there would be labels in the stacks indicating what shelves needed to be re-ordered. Then she instructed us on how to arrange items using the library of congress classification scheme. To make this instruction easier, she brought with her several sets of paper squares with classification numbers printed on them. We each received our own set and it was our job to arrange these squares in order. Once arranged, we were told to flip them over so we could see the number order printed on the back.

After we finished talking about classification and how to arrange the books in the shelves, we then broke up into teams and wandered throughout the stacks trying to find labels which stated that the books needed to be rearranged. We each worked from 9:30AM – 12:30PM re-arranging books and then came back together for lunch which was generously provided by the ALAsc and Ms. Sung.

I really enjoyed this service project and learned so much! It has been almost a year since I took my cataloging courses and so this was a wonderful way to not only refresh my memory, but also put those skills into reality by working directly in the stacks. I have always wanted to do page work, so it was fun to wander the stacks with a dust mask and a book trolley reorganizing the books and it felt good to see the orderly results of my efforts (can’t help it, I’m type A!).

I enjoyed this experience so much that I will be volunteering my spare time next semester to helping Access Services continue to restore order to the stacks. Thank you to the ALAsc for arranging this service project!

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